Tape & Cine to DVD



Transfer your precious family memories onto DVD  or BluRay to preserve your footage for future generations


Make a home movie from your Cine or Video tapes, or an entertaining slide show from your photos and slides



Video & Camcorder Tapes:

Tape transfer up to 2 hours 36.00

plus extra tapes - per hour 10.00

Tape repairs from 12.00


Cine Films:

per 50 foot reel 12.00

per 200 foot reel 36.00

per 400 foot reel 60.00


Duplicate DVD per 2 hours 10.00


9.5mm/16mm/Transfer to BluRay +20%




Please allow approx. 3-4 weeks service time

50% deposit required with order

Delivery Charge on orders under 50


email: info@davidhamblyphotography.co.uk